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Unique dining experiences for food lovers

Inspired by the beauty, grace, and elegance of the unforgettable Sophia Loren, our menu is a tribute to her love for Italian cuisine.

Just how Italians don’t stray far from what’s local and in season, our menu is designed with this same concept.

Our chef maintains strong relationships with local farms and growers, highlighting a seasonal menu with a focus on local ingredients where possible and prepared with Italian sensibilities.

Join us for Modern Italian Comfort food that feeds the soul.


Meet the Owners

Pictured: Brett Judson (Left), James Hughes (Right)


Brett Judson & the Judson Family have been operating successful business across the maritimes for decades. A true leader in business & hospitality, Brett understands what Maritimers look for in great restaurants and is well known as being an extraordinary employer in the Maritimes.

Sophia adds vibrancy to the Moncton market and rounds out his iconic restaurants: Güsto Italian Grill and Captain Dan's Seafood Bar & Grill. Brett's thirst for excellence is backed by his love for travel and dining.

James Hughes has spent over 30 years in the Hospitality Industry and brings a wealth of passionate knowledge and a wide range of experience and expertise to the business.

He's a Red Seal Chef and Certified Executive Coach with a passion for cocktails, wine, hospitality, leadership culture, and business. His travels have seen him studying & enjoying food and drink all over the world - from Napa to New York and Miami, from the South of France and the hills of Tuscany. His palette and passion for extraordinary hospitality experiences continue to drive him.


Brett Judson & James Hughes


Sophia & Spritz

Words from our Chef de Cuisine

Pictured: Alex Newton, Halibut

Born and raised in Vancouver, B.C, I was convinced at a young age that

I was destined to be an accountant. However, dinner was always served around 4pm when I was growing up - so, as any growing teenager would, I was on the hunt for something to eat by 7pm and was often encouraged to make something on my own. 

I've now been involved in the hospitality business for over fifteen years. I love this industry and can't imagine doing anything else with my life. I find I never stop learning in this business, no matter in which position or how much time goes by. There's always something new to get excited about!

It's hard not to be passionate about the great food and drink in the restaurant business, but what drives me most is the camaraderie in this industry. Seeing the effort that each and every person - from the dishwasher to the owner - puts in to make a guest experience happen is magic.


Whether through nostalgia or invention, food can be the one thing that reminds you of home, a distant and fond memory, a person, or even somewhere in the world you'd like to visit. It's universal and brings everyone together, no matter what your vibe is!


Alex Newton

Chef de Cuisine

Sophia & Spritz

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